“t-shirt” packages

The most common type of package, which received its name because of the distinctive structure of handles. This design provides high strength even with a small wall thickness of the package, and the presence of bellows makes it more spacious. This type of package is considered the cheapest and it is widely used in the retail trade for packaging of food, stationery, shoes, clothes, household appliances, etc.
Типорозмір пакету Кількість в груповій упаковці, тис. шт
16/4,5/28 10 (50уп/200шт)
19/4,5/34 10 (50уп/200шт)
22/5/36 8 (40уп/200шт)
22/5,5/38 EXTRA 8 (40уп/200шт)
24/5,5/43 6 (30уп/200шт)
24/5,5/43 CARMAN 5 (25уп/200шт)
25/6/45 5 (50уп/100шт)
25/6/45 EXTRA 4 (20уп/200шт)
30/8/50 3 (30уп/100шт)
32/8,5/58 2 (20уп/100шт)


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