Nowadays almost all the products offered by domestic producers are packed in polyethylene film package. Development of the industry and its focus on European standards require a modern, expensive and high-quality package. Taking into account the market changes and in accordance with the wishes of consumers, the company constantly increases the production, expands the range of products, works on the study of new technical and technological developments in the sphere of production of polyethylene film.

Modern technology, automated equipment and qualified staff can not only offer a wide range of products, but also quickly and efficiently take any number of orders.

Production Department is the heart of the company; a wide range of plastic products is produced here: Plastic bags, liner-bags, t-shirt bags, filling packages.

The Company uses a modern arsenal of extruders, soldering-cutting machines (blow-winders), high-tech flexographic press. The raw materials base of high-quality polyethylene granules of outstanding foreign manufacturers from Hungary, Russia, Belarus and others provides excellent performance characteristics of the finished product. By using only the primary raw materials of high and low polyethylene density of different brands, we manufacture high quality plastic products with maximum resistance to stretching and tearing. Due to the use of various additives (colorants, stabilizers, etc.) the film acquires specific parameters and characteristics, which are necessary to customer.

Today the company has modern extrusion machines with high production, thus it is possible to produce high-quality plastic products. Efficient operation of the extrusion equipment is controlled by qualified specialists. The width of film and layer thickness are accurately observed in machines. Immediate production of plastic bags is produced by specially equipped soldering-cutting equipment. Technical capabilities allow manufacturing of various types of bags of all sizes and modifications.

All products are made from high quality raw materials, certified and are in compliance with the technical specifications and State Standard of Ukraine, which is confirmed by relevant documents. All products have Safety and Health Certificate, approved for food contact and meet the requirements of State Standards.



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